How I meal plan

  It's New Years Eve, officially the last day of eating and drinking crap before the big detox come tomorrow morning. For those of you in this camp, intent on starting a 'healthier lifestyle' for 2017 but not quite sure how to go about it then this may be of some use. I started meal… Continue reading How I meal plan


Quick and simple nutritious breakfast

Yo! In a rush? Me too! You'll need: 3 eggs 30g feta cheese crumbled into small pieces 2 cups of kale Coconut oil/oil of choice -told you it was simple. Heat oil in the pan Chuck kale in the pan/wok, move it around for 60 seconds or so Break eggs into a bowl and whisk… Continue reading Quick and simple nutritious breakfast

Liebster Award

I have been lucky enough to be nominated the Liebster award from the gorgeous Beth at From B to You -(thank you lovely) please do go check out her blog it really is one of my faves and has such a great variety of posts. The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you Answer the questions from your nominator… Continue reading Liebster Award

What’s in my bag: Gym edit

  It's here, the official New Years resolution start day. How are you doing so far? For many, today ignites a 'fresh start' and with that comes the inevitable brand spanking new diet and exercise regime. If you're planning to hit the gym, you might want to take a few essentials with you, here is… Continue reading What’s in my bag: Gym edit