DIY Hair | Before and After

I've been getting so bored with my hair lately, it had faded to a blehhh nutty brown so a change up was definitely overdue. I'm trying to be tight with money right now so opted the DIY route for my new do. I used the Clairol Nice N Easy Perfect 10 dye in 'dark brown'.… Continue reading DIY Hair | Before and After


3 Day Hair | Festival Edit

Hands up who wants effortlessly chic looking hair this festival season? Festivals are a difficult one ..hygiene wise. Unfortunately for most, hair goes unwashed, armpits too ..unless a baby wipe bath counts Fair enough. To be honest it's all part of the experience,  that's not to say that we don't still care what we… Continue reading 3 Day Hair | Festival Edit

Summer Beauty Favourites

So, as it has come to the end of the Summer here in the UK, I thought what better way to round up than a 'Summer Beauty Favourites'. I'll probably just do these at the end of each season rather than monthly as some months things don't seem to change allΒ that much. These, however,Β are products… Continue reading Summer Beauty Favourites