‘Can’t be arsed’ lunch idea

For days when I simply cannot be bothered to prepare a full on lunch.. Rices cakes. Crunchy peanut butter. Rocket. Job done. Anybody who sees me eating this usually has a comment about my food choices .."is that peanut butter? With salad?" Hell yeah it is - and it's pretty darn delicious I gotta say… Continue reading ‘Can’t be arsed’ lunch idea


Five things: Reasons to love Autumn

If you ask people their favourite time of year, a large percentage of them will either say 'Christmas' or 'Summer time'. I can see why, I mean who doesn't love Christmas?Β  And the summer usually signifies great weather, BBQ's and generally spending more time outdoors. But what about those 'inbetweeny' seasons? Personally for me, Autumn… Continue reading Five things: Reasons to love Autumn