What’s in my bag?| Work Edit

Happy New Year guys. It's currently the night before I go back to work after the holidays and I have the blues big time! I thought I'd share with you the crap that I emptied out of my work bag into my new smaller day bag. My sister bought me this little number for Christmas.… Continue reading What’s in my bag?| Work Edit


Tips on Dressing with Confidence and Owning that Outfit!

It's no secret that the way that you dress can affect how others view you and more importantly how you view yourself, but how do you get to that point? We're travelling full steam ahead into the festive season, chances are parties and 'get togethers' are filling your calendar over the next few weeks and… Continue reading Tips on Dressing with Confidence and Owning that Outfit!

Hammy styles | with DailyLook -Spring LBD edit

Brand new style feature alert! To kick off 'Hammy styles' I am starting with a cheeky little post with the fabulous DailyLook. I was inspired by DailyLook to showcase my LBD Spring holiday style. I feel like this is good way to introduce you to my style so you can get a feel for things that… Continue reading Hammy styles | with DailyLook -Spring LBD edit

How I ‘do’ Fashion Week

For years I've been fascinated with runway shows. Every season taking notes from New York,  London, Milan and Paris. Each designer with a different story to tell for their collection. I've never actually attended a show. Probably because in the fashion world, I am a humongous nobody, but also because I kinda have my own… Continue reading How I ‘do’ Fashion Week

A weekend in January |London

As a new series of lifestyle posts, I thought it might be nice to include some things that I get up to on weekends. These will be a monthly posts covering a single weekend in each month. Sometimes it's just nice to tell people about what you've been doing. Not all of my weekends include… Continue reading A weekend in January |London

Five things: Reasons to love Autumn

If you ask people their favourite time of year, a large percentage of them will either say 'Christmas' or 'Summer time'. I can see why, I mean who doesn't love Christmas?  And the summer usually signifies great weather, BBQ's and generally spending more time outdoors. But what about those 'inbetweeny' seasons? Personally for me, Autumn… Continue reading Five things: Reasons to love Autumn