5 Tips | Surviving Ikea with your significant other

Home improvement stores are literally what weekends are made for -jeez how old do I sound. If you're jammy enough to persuade the man/lady in your life to take that all important trip to your nearest yellow and blue establishment (and you want your relationship to last longer than it takes to find a parking… Continue reading 5 Tips | Surviving Ikea with your significant other


Tipsy Friday

I was having a think about what makes a good blog post, one thing that jumped out was that I love when people are completely honest. There's a lot of fake bull crap out there let's be real. As much as I value effort some make to portray their lives as absolute perfection -that sh*t… Continue reading Tipsy Friday

3 Day Hair | Festival Edit

Hands up who wants effortlessly chic looking hair this festival season? Festivals are a difficult one ..hygiene wise. Unfortunately for most, hair goes unwashed, armpits too ..unless a baby wipe bath counts ..no? Fair enough. To be honest it's all part of the experience,  that's not to say that we don't still care what we… Continue reading 3 Day Hair | Festival Edit