How I meal plan


It’s New Years Eve, officially the last day of eating and drinking crap before the big detox come tomorrow morning. For those of you in this camp, intent on starting a ‘healthier lifestyle’ for 2017 but not quite sure how to go about it then this may be of some use.

I started meal planning a couple of years ago, the main reason was so that I didn’t have to ask/answer the “What do you want for dinner?” question every single night. It’s enough to drive you crazy especially when the answer is almost always, “I don’t mind..” -GAHHH!!

I also noticed that we were wasting a lot of food, it’d go bad before we got round to using it so lots of meat and veg would get thrown out each week. As I don’t have money to burn I figured that I had to take hold of the situation and sat down to write my first meal plan.

I began looking through the BBC Good Food website, Pinterest and cook books for recipe inspiration. I listed all of the recipes that I liked the sound of and *most importantly * were dead easy to make.

So every Sunday I write the days of the week and note next to each day if we have events or things that’d affect dinner that evening -e.g. running club on a Tuesday/ me seeing friends on a Thursday. From that I work out who will cook each night- we take it in turns as both work full time so it’s only fair. From that I’ll plot in dinners. If I’m out one night for example I’d put a simple ‘one man dinner’ on the rota for the other half because who wants to spend hours slaving over dinner when it’s a meal for one? If it’s a running club night we’ll opt for something quick but a little more ‘carby’ than other nights.

Once you have your dinners planned then write down the ingredients needed for the week and do a food shop, I order groceries online as not a fan of trawling around the supermarket with a trolley and queuing. It also means that I can search for items without scrolling through deals and offers on junk food, nobody needs that temptation.
This meal planning lark may sound like a pain in the arse but it does save a lot of time during the week and also helps you make healthier choices. Take the decision away each day so there’s no opportunity to make bad choices after a stressful day at the office.

Put the meal plan and cooking rota up somewhere central – mine goes on the fridge so everybody knows what’s going on and can’t complain! You can even get a fancy Dinner Planner Pad like this one below from Kikki K.

Courtesy of Kikki K (

Do you meal plan? How do you share out cooking duties?
Hams x


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