What’s in my bag?| Work Edit

Happy New Year guys. It’s currently the night before I go back to work after the holidays and I have the blues big time! I thought I’d share with you the crap that I emptied out of my work bag into my new smaller day bag. My sister bought me this little number for Christmas. It’s from Warehouse and the perfect size, I wanted a smaller black day bag in an attempt to discourage carting around things that I do not need. I’m not sure if it’ll work but definitely giving it a go.

This is everything that was in my work bag apart from a billion snotty tissues, I wasn’t going to take a photo of those so let’s move on shall we?


I love this Miracle Purse from Monki, it’s a practical size and a steal at only £6

Essential everyday shades
MAC -Syrup 
MAC -Twig
Maybelline -Sweet Pink
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain – ‘Honey’

I won £4 on this at Christmas, still need to cash in

The free ones that came with my phone, pretty decent for what they are

Empty sunglasses case
I usually keep my passport in this but not sure where I’ve left it -nice one Hams!

Kiss’ pouch
For tampons, hair bands and bobby pins

This one is my work planner, the compact patent in duck egg, I kinda love it

Car Air Freshener
Cheap. Must have fallen out

M&S Eye Serum
For bags

EasyAcc Power bank from Amazon
Not the prettiest offering but does a bloody good job of 5+ ish full charges


Some old mushy Polo’s -ew

A spoon
For a souper tasty lunch -like what I did there? ..oh


There we have it, the crap I lug to work with me everyday. As you can see it only just fits in to the new bag, I may have to be ruthless and leave the mushy Polo’s at home.

I hope your first week back after the holidays isn’t too painful. We can do this!

Love, Hammy x


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