Tips on Dressing with Confidence and Owning that Outfit!

It’s no secret that the way that you dress can affect how others view you and more importantly how you view yourself, but how do you get to that point? We’re travelling full steam ahead into the festive season, chances are parties and ‘get togethers’ are filling your calendar over the next few weeks and you want to look and feel fab for every social occasion. If you’re the kind of person who often admires an outfit on somebody else but utters the phrase -‘I couldn’t pull that off’. If the idea of evolving your style fills you with terror then this may help.

Step 1.Go onto a website that you’d love to have the confidence to buy from. Trawl through the pages until something catches your eye, would you love to be able to wear that? Great, pop it in your basket.

Step 2. Now complete the outfit. Piece together items that would look great with it, shoes, jewellery, hairstyle. You start to imagine yourself wearing said garment with all of the accessories, hair, makeup. Without knowing it, the vision you are putting together of this outfit is based on you wearing it.

Step 3. As you now have this image of you in said outfit you need to go out and try it on. I’d advise that you go out on your own, this is all about you anyway right? Spend time in your fave shops trying on weird and wonderful outfits, Start with the one that you planned online as it will feel more familiar to you and give you a confidence boost.You’ll be amazed once you try things on how accepting you are of your new look. This’ll give you the confidence to branch out and try new things.

It seems a little ridiculous that planning an outfit online could help you to be more confident IRL but the most important part is that you visualize yourself doing the thing that you so want to do. If in your head you’re wearing the outfit, getting the job, talking to the hot guy it’ll be so familiar to you that in real life it really isn’t as much of a big deal after all.

Wear it. Own it.

Try it, I dare you πŸ™‚



Hammy xx


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