DIY Hair | Before and After

I’ve been getting so bored with my hair lately, it had faded to a blehhh nutty brown so a change up was definitely overdue. I’m trying to be tight with money right now so opted the DIY route for my new do.



I used the Clairol Nice N Easy Perfect 10 dye in ‘dark brown’. I wanted to go darker for my sisters wedding as felt it would look nicer alongside my peach bridesmaid dress.Β 
If I’m going darker I always use Perfect 10, it’s so easy to use and as the name suggests only takes 10 minutes for your hair to grab the colour -great for all of you busy *read ‘impatient’ AHERM* ladies like me.

Mid dye -always a good look right?

I finished off grabbing a pair of kitchen scissors and hacking away at my locks ..risky -YES however it was just a trim to cut the dead bits off and I hardly ever straighten my hair so it’s quite difficult to tell. I make sure my hair is wet and well brushed through so that it lies flat giving me the best chance at making a half decent job. I think it turned out alright actually if I do say so myself.

Here’s the end result..




Do you ever dye/chop your own hair? What colour do you think I should go next? I’m considering going back to full on blonde -eek πŸ™‚

Hope you’re having an awesome week.
Love Hammy x

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1 thought on “DIY Hair | Before and After”

  1. Love the locks! I’m currently sporting a shaggy bob (I think I went for it mainly for the name rather than the look) but it’s so high maintenance! I actually have to have it cut every 6was to maintain it. Not my bag and so it looks rubbish. I’m considering getting out the kitchen scissors too. Yours looks great! I think you may have just given me the peer go ahead to do it.


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