Hammy styles | with DailyLook -Spring LBD edit

Brand new style feature alert! To kick off 'Hammy styles' I am starting with a cheeky little post with the fabulous DailyLook. I was inspired by DailyLook to showcase my LBD Spring holiday style. I feel like this is good way to introduce you to my style so you can get a feel for things that… Continue reading Hammy styles | with DailyLook -Spring LBD edit


REVIEW | PetShop.co.uk

It is true that I've often been accused of spoiling my dog Lola, she's my baby and just the cuddliest little bear. Which is why when the lovely Amy at PetShop.co.uk sent a parcel addressed for Lola's attention (such a cute touch by the way) it's fair to say I was a little excited. Petshop.co.uk (formally PetShopBowl) originated… Continue reading REVIEW | PetShop.co.uk