The ‘No Favourites’ -Favourites

There'll be no favourites this month I'm afraid. Honestly, I've just not discovered or RE discovered anything that's worth mentioning -simple as that. It happens sometimes and I don't particularly see anything wrong with that. I'm pretty chill with my current stash so better to be honest than rummage around my collection to scrape together… Continue reading The ‘No Favourites’ -Favourites


How I ‘do’ Fashion Week

For years I've been fascinated with runway shows. Every season taking notes from New York,  London, Milan and Paris. Each designer with a different story to tell for their collection. I've never actually attended a show. Probably because in the fashion world, I am a humongous nobody, but also because I kinda have my own… Continue reading How I ‘do’ Fashion Week

How to cope when your boyfriend gets ‘Man Flu’

Ah jeez. Somebody save me? It seems that time of year, as the seasons are starting to change, bugs, colds and of course the dreaded 'Man Flu' is doing the rounds. If you are the victim of being in a relationship with a guy with this life sucking cold which turns grown men into snotty… Continue reading How to cope when your boyfriend gets ‘Man Flu’

#FOTD| Fat lazy hair, a casual brown eye and a tomato lip

A laid back #FOTD for you today. I stuck with my trusty brown liner/mascara combo for a casual look but added a little depth with a little help from my relic of a 'Heaven and Earth' palette from MUA -oldie but a goodie. I went with a tomato coloured lipstick from Calvin Klein (bought for… Continue reading #FOTD| Fat lazy hair, a casual brown eye and a tomato lip

Liebster Award

I have been lucky enough to be nominated the Liebster award from the gorgeous Beth at From B to You -(thank you lovely) please do go check out her blog it really is one of my faves and has such a great variety of posts. The Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you Answer the questions from your nominator… Continue reading Liebster Award