My very first lipstick

I don't mean to get all sentimental,  but figured this would be a nice post. I was rooting through one of my handbags the other day and pulled out no less than eleven -yes, eleven lip products *hides head in shame*. Amongst these items was the very first lipstick that I ever bought myself years and… Continue reading My very first lipstick


Making room for Christmas

Yes, I did it, I used the 'C word' in September -but with good reason. Hear me out for a second okay? Now we are 96 days away from the big day, the day the guy with the big white beard and red suit leaves you gifts,  the day households around the world will be… Continue reading Making room for Christmas

Summer Beauty Favourites

So, as it has come to the end of the Summer here in the UK, I thought what better way to round up than a 'Summer Beauty Favourites'. I'll probably just do these at the end of each season rather than monthly as some months things don't seem to change all that much. These, however, are products… Continue reading Summer Beauty Favourites

Five things: Reasons to love Autumn

If you ask people their favourite time of year, a large percentage of them will either say 'Christmas' or 'Summer time'. I can see why, I mean who doesn't love Christmas?  And the summer usually signifies great weather, BBQ's and generally spending more time outdoors. But what about those 'inbetweeny' seasons? Personally for me, Autumn… Continue reading Five things: Reasons to love Autumn