Backpacks for the Twenty-something

If you're anything like me,Β  when you first started to notice the backpack trend filtering through the runway and down to the highstreet it just reminded you of how you had stumbled over that 20 mark and that you can no longer get away with certain things. I mean, Backpacks? What am I going to… Continue reading Backpacks for the Twenty-something


REVIEW: ‘They’re Real’ push up liner & remover -Benefit

So here's the long arse story. I have heard soo much good stuff about the Benefit 'They're Real' mascara that naturally I caved. When my friend and I headed to Swindon a little while ago to do a little 'shoppyshop', we were both in need of a little 'Boots' action. After swaying by the Benefit… Continue reading REVIEW: ‘They’re Real’ push up liner & remover -Benefit