How I meal plan

  It's New Years Eve, officially the last day of eating and drinking crap before the big detox come tomorrow morning. For those of you in this camp, intent on starting a 'healthier lifestyle' for 2017 but not quite sure how to go about it then this may be of some use. I started meal… Continue reading How I meal plan


Organised Chaos

Fresh (read 'recovering') from a hen weekend in Marbella, I thought I'd ponder the big stuff, whilst also sharing a couple of snaps from my trip. Over the past year or so I thought that I really was getting my sh*t together, I have a steady job, mortgage, dog etc.. our house is coming along… Continue reading Organised Chaos

Tips on Dressing with Confidence and Owning that Outfit!

It's no secret that the way that you dress can affect how others view you and more importantly how you view yourself, but how do you get to that point? We're travelling full steam ahead into the festive season, chances are parties and 'get togethers' are filling your calendar over the next few weeks and… Continue reading Tips on Dressing with Confidence and Owning that Outfit!

Bridesmaid nails | Taupe-less Beach -OPI

As I mentioned in my previous post, my sister got married recently. Our bridesmaid dresses were peach and so pretty. We opted for a taupey beige for our nails so not to take away from the gorgeous colour of the dress. We had a nice relaxing evening the night before the wedding and the lovely… Continue reading Bridesmaid nails | Taupe-less Beach -OPI